Who We Are

Louise Williams

Louise graduated in 1996. Her first job was assisting an TV talent agent, looking after the likes of Pat Sharp and Jeremy Beadle. When all of that glamour got too much she moved across into film distribution just as DVD hit the high street. 

Louise then spent almost 10 years working in DVD subtitle translation and DVD production, project managing and then client managing. The latter, also known as “client cuddling” involved a lot of lunches but all that came to an end when Louise left to have her first son in April 2007. 

Always the fast worker, Louise went on to have another son in May 2008. When the kids were 2 and 1 Louise started working part-time from home alongside her mum, Maureen Gurr, at Core Education.

Together at Core, Louise and Maureen assisted speakers and delegates attend conferences and events worldwide to discuss IT in school and education for a large computer company.

This demand for their help and services increased rapidly and then in March 2012 Louise and Maureen amicably moved away from Core to set up Polka Dot Planning.

Since then Polka Dot Planning has grown from a staff of 2 to 5 and worked on hundreds of projects, from chaperoning a group of school children to Sweden to covering lunch for hungry conference delegates in Galway.

Maureen Gurr

Maureen left school at 15  to start working as a telephonist for Marconi, where she was soon (a very young) supervisor of a massive switchboard . She worked there until her daughter Louise was born in 1975.

After taking a few years out to be a Mum Maureen went back to full time employment. 

Maureen worked in the advertising and graphic design world for around 15 years before she entered the education sector. She worked with many clients in various industries including electronics, elevator design, packaging and telecommunications. A career highlight was organising and running an exhibition stand in Boston  – one of the most exciting, fulfilling and satisfying jobs she was ever involved in. 

Maureen first came into the Education world working for Professor Stephen Heppell and Richard Millwood at Ultralab in Chelmsford. She was the stand ‘mother’ at many BETT shows when children as young as 10 years old would show their delight and enthusiasm at using technology to enhance their learning. Over the shows 4 days there were always crowds of teachers and school IT staff visiting the stand and people would say “I came onto this stand last year and it made my visit to the show”. 

Maureen would arrange the travel and accommodation for the students who attended the BETT show. Each evening was devoted to taking the kids out to eat and listening to their stories about what had happened during the day. Over the course of the 4 days up to 32 students would attend to proudly represent their schools. 

Ultralab was disbanded at the end of 2006 but Maureen was fortunate enough to keep up links with the schools and various companies that recognised her organisational skills and when they required her assistance for various events she was only to delighted to assist.

She moved to Core Education, where she drafted in daughter Louise (see above) and that evolved into Polka Dot Planning.