Natalia emigrated from Spain to the UK aged 19 looking for fresh challenges.

Whilst studying at university she worked part time for an author gaining valuable experience in all aspects of book production, from author to publishing house. Her strong sense of loyalty meant she carried on working for this writer well after finishing her studies and whilst having secured a full time job within the travel industry.

After graduating in 1992 she worked for a decade for GTA, a large tour operator based in central London. GTA developed her career by encouraging and promoting her through different departments. One of the most satisfying jobs she carried out was getting involved in the development of an online reservations system for hoteliers. She was a key player in the design of this system, its associated training plan and then travelled extensively worldwide to show case it and train hoteliers.

Not being one to let professional success get to her head, in 2002 she went backpacking around Latin America for a year picking up a few friends on the way, not to mention a few colourful stories.

Upon her return to London she tried her hand as freelance translator and interpreter carrying out work for organisations and individuals alike in a wide range of subjects for diverse purposes. She followed this by taking up work for solutions provider, Nice, where she organised travel for sales staff and trainers all over the world.

Natalia then took a four year break to have two children. In September 2013 she was asked to join PDP where she hopes to channel her life experiences and professional expertise to help PDP grow from strength to strength.