Louise graduated in 1996. Her first job was assisting an TV talent agent, looking after the likes of Pat Sharp and Jeremy Beadle. When all of that glamour got too much she moved across into film distribution just as DVD hit the high street. 

Louise then spent almost 10 years working in DVD subtitle translation and DVD production, project managing and then client managing. The latter, also known as “client cuddling” involved a lot of lunches but all that came to an end when Louise left to have her first son in April 2007. 

Always the fast worker, Louise went on to have another son in May 2008. When the kids were 2 and 1 Louise started working part-time from home alongside her mum, Maureen Gurr, at Core Education.

Together at Core, Louise and Maureen assisted speakers and delegates attend conferences and events worldwide to discuss IT in school and education for a large computer company.

This demand for their help and services increased rapidly and then in March 2012 Louise and Maureen amicably moved away from Core to set up Polka Dot Planning.

Since then Polka Dot Planning has grown from a staff of 2 to 5 and worked on hundreds of projects, from chaperoning a group of school children to Sweden to covering lunch for hungry conference delegates in Galway