Fees and Invoicing


The fee for PDP to arrange a visit to a school varies from £150 to £500 depending on group size and specifications.


PDP will invoice your company after the visit has taken place. Within the invoice we will give details of our bank account so that funds can be transferred directly.

The invoice will give details of each cost incurred for example fee to school, cost of lunch, transport if we have booked it on your behalf and our administrative charge.

Please ensure that payment reaches our bank within 21 days of the invoice date.

If you are Invoicing PDP please address invoices to:

Polka Dot Planning Limited

1 Devonshire Road



Include the following information:

Currency of the invoice should be in GBP.

Number and date of your invoice.

Polka Dot Planning Job number, if known.

Name the event, the date/s of event and amount of your claim. 

If possible, add the name of your business contact or Polka Dot Planning contact.

Your VAT number if you have one.

If appropriate, our VAT number is: 132 2860 38

Submit your invoice within a week of the end of the event to: 


To enable Polka Dot Planning to pay direct to your bank account please provide:

Bank Address

Bank Account Number

Sort Code



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