Anson Primary School

Located in North West London Anson Primary is a vibrant, happy, diverse school who have embraced multi media and are the only school that we know of that have their own radio station! The radio station at Anson was installed to develop the speaking and listening skills of children in the school. With 41 languages and 80% of the children speaking English as a second language, they knew that the radio station would give the children a voice. The results are high quality, professional and having a huge impact on children’s progress. Anson are also proud of their ANSON TV initiative as they believe that the children deserve the biggest audience for their work. For so long children wrote solely in their books with the teacher the only person who read their work. With the use of video at Anson, they capture the children’s work, performances, events and ideas and transform them into content that can be shared with the other children, their parents, their extended global families and up to 7 billion people. Digital leaders are also an important part of life at Anson. Their team of Digital Leaders are trained on the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme with the aim to inspire young people to encourage others to use technology in a positive way in the school or local community. Digital Leaders have many responsibilities including creating content on the radio station, running lighting for the school assemblies, filming school events as well as photographing events. The Digital Leaders are independent, trust worthy and classroom role models. As a result they meet and greet guests to the school.

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Approximate travel time by road from Central London –  40 Minutes

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